Sunday, July 6, 2008

You don't need exotic places

To find interesting subjects. I found this spider perched on a flower right outside my front door while I was unloading my gear from my car, so I took a few minutes out to photograph it, while my cat Calypso kept calling me from inside. She loves attention and does not like to be denied :)
I used my d80 with the Nikon 105mm VR micro and a Nikon 2x teleconverter. I held my reflector above the spider and aimed my flash into it to light the spider.
If anyone reading this can help identify this spider, I would appreciate it. I'm certainly not an expert at identifying arachnids, but I would like to learn!


Mitch said...

Great shot! I love the translucent tail-end of the spider. Very cool.

eve said...

hello :) - hope you are well so far :)

here is the closest spiderMatch i could find (i could be wrong of coz...)



--- also, it could be one of these:

>>> but i most prolly think it matches the first type of spider =)

>>> what do you think?

Rakesh said...

It does look more like the first than the second, to me.

Thanks! :)