Monday, September 10, 2007

Into the Great Unkown

This may be my last post before moving to Seattle to take my new job with Amazon. Having never been to Seattle, and obviously never before worked for Amazon, it's actually two unknowns for me; new job, new city, new landscapes.
I had quite a gathering yesterday afternoon, lots of friends came by to wish me well on my journey. It was a combination reunion and introduction, for some friends I haven't been able to meet up with for nearly a year, and others who hadn't met each other before.
I may have some time to scan and post my photographs from my last trip to White Oak Canyon in Shenandoah, which was also my most recent photo safari to Shenadoah. Though I'll probably do some more photography in Shenandoah some day, it will be a while, since my next few visits will be for things like meeting up with friends, and hopefully closing on the sale of my house in Silver Spring.
I suppose today is the calm before the storm; tomorrow I'll have to get my things organized, separating out the things that are going into storage and the things that are going to the temporary residence. Then Wednesday and Thursday will be packing and loading days, and Friday I'll be heading for Seattle with my two terrified cats and my friend Katie, who is coming along to help courier the cats.
And then I'll get to see Seattle for the first time, and Monday I start work at Amazon. It will be quite a week!