Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mount Saint Helens

A view of Mount Saint Helens, showing the crater and the lava dome. The large hunks of rock in the foreground are the hummocks, parts of the summit deposited along the Toutle River Valley during the landslide that occurred during the eruption in 1980. This was from my second trip to Mt. Saint Helens; on my first trip, the cloud cover obscured the crater the entire time I was there.

Even when the falls are not in full flow, they can make for beautiful photographs. This is an image of Lipsy Lake, and the trickle flowing down the rock face in the background is the 1800 foot high Otter Falls. There was a lot less flow than any of us had expected, and the lake was suprisingly small, but still very peaceful. It isn't even a particularly difficult trip, as long as you reach the trailhead; the forest service road leading to the trailhead is pretty rough, and Snoqualmie Pass has been getting a lot of snow lately.