Sunday, March 8, 2009

Photography Books

I have signed up to do SoFoBoMo 2009. For more information on it, look at:

During the February ArtWalk in Pioneer Square, I showed my prints to the folks at the National Parks Conservation Association ( and they liked them enough that we started discussing the possibility showing my work there in fall. They interested in a show focussed on Mount Saint Helens, because they are working to raise interest in getting Mount Saint Helens promote from the status of National Volcanic Monument to National Park, to improve its budget and to provide more protection for its environment.

So when I spoke about this with the friend who is helping me design my web site, he suggested also writing a book about it. Since I thought that was a good idea, I mentioned it to the NPCA folks, and it seems that they might be interested in helping me out with it. So I'm going to work on putting together a book about Mount Saint Helens this year.

The photograph above is one that I took tonight at Golden Gardens Park near sunset.