Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SoFoBoMo: Point of the Arches

My first SoFoBoMo photo safari was quite succesful.

My friend and I went out to Neah Bay, 
and hiked out to Shi Shi. We
walked along the beach and found 
a camp site near Point of the Arches.

After setting up camp, we spent some time 
wandering about the tide pools
while the tide was nice and low, which 
kept us busy until the sun set.

The haze kept us from seeing the moon rise, 
so we just went to bed and
awoke at 4am hoping to see the moonset. 
The overcast took care of that
though, so we couldn't see the moon in the morning, either.

The rising sun burned off enough of the 
cloud cover to give us some nice soft
morning light, so we got some good 
photo opportunities during that
period. The morning tide was very low, so we 
were able to explore the tide pools
some more, and also get some alternate 
views of the sea stacks from
close up.

We found that little crab early in the morning after the sunrise.
Naturally, I'd left my macro lens back at the tent, so I used
the lens I had on the camera, which was my wide angle. It
worked out better than I hoped.

The waves were picturesque, and the fog layer on the
mountains was beautiful.

This hermit crab was feasting on this, as far as I can

This ended up being one of my favorite shots from the trip.
That tree made its way into quite a few of my images, both at
sunset and at sunrise.

So my SoFoBoMo month has begun. It is on :)


Anita Jesse said...

Here's to a great journey— that is certainly is off to a wonderful beginning. (Numbers 2 and 4 vie for my favorite.) If you have time to keep us posted, it will be a joy to follow.

Rakesh said...

I like number 4 more every time I look at it. My only regret is that I didn't shoot that one on film as well as on digital. Oh well... it's a good excuse to go back there, like you really need excuses to visit a place like Point of the Arches!

I intend to post as much as I can while going through this project, as I think that my postings will serve as outlines for the book. :)